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 Planning a Wedding
Couples from outside the parish who wish to get married in Aran should contact the relevant priest in order to make a booking.
For weddings on Inis Oírr and Inis Meáin; Contact Fr. Joe Jennings. Contact details.

For weddings on Inis Mór; Contact Fr. Micheal Mannion. (+353) 099-61221,

Couples who are not from the islands will normally bring their own parish priest to officiate at their wedding.

Civil Requirements
You must give the Registrar of Marriages at least three months notice of intent to marry. A marriage is not valid in civil law unless this notice has been given. See
You must contact the Civil Registrar to book an appointment.
At the meeting with the registrar, you will receive a Marriage Registration Form which you will return to the Registrar after the marriage, signed by the priest.

Church Requirements
1. A certificate of Baptism recently issues (not more than six months old)
2. Evidence of Confirmation
3. Evidence that you have completed a pre-marriage course (See for details of courses)
4. Proof that you have not been married before from any place where you have lived for six months or more since you reached marriageable age. You will get a letter of freedom from the priest of the parish where you lived. You may also be required to make a statutory declaration of your freedom to many.
5. Permission/Dispensation from diocese of origin if/as required and where applicable.
6. In the case of non-Catholics, a baptismal certificate from their own church community.
7. In the case of non-Christians, a civil birth certificate.
8. In the event of either parties having been widowed or having received a Chuch annulment, on whatever basis, appropriate documentation must be included (Civil Death Certificate, Decree of Nullity etc).
9. In the case of Church annulity, a civil divorce document or a state annulment document must be included.

When you have got these documents together, bring them to the priest of the parish in which you now live.
He will complete your Pre-Nuptial form - a lengthy form containing such data as the names of the Best Man and Bridesmaid, your future intended place of residence etc. (N.B. these papers are extremely important - Weddings cannot take place without them) It is the obligation of the bride's priest to ensure that all wedding papers are forwarded to Aran.

Marriage papers for those living outside Ireland.
The following documentation is necessary for couples coming from outside the country even when both parties are Catholic and/or originally from Ireland. .
You will need all documents (as relevant) as listed 1-9 above.
Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms(s) in respect of each party completed and signed in presence of priest.

In the case of each party, no matter what their origin, religion or circumstances, an affidavit, sworn and signed before a solicitor/ attorney/notary public that they are 'not now and have never been married according to any form, whether civil or ecclesiastical'.

A list of music/Hymns should be submitted to the celebrating priest before the ceremony.
Couples who wish to engage local musicians/singers/florists for their wedding should contact the local priest.